Keynote Speakers

Andrea Buchholz

photo of andrea buchholzUs Them We: Towards an Educational Developer-Faculty Member Synergy

If you were to choose one word to describe the relationship between educational developers and faculty members on your campus, what would it be?  What about the word that you wish described the relationship?  How about synergistic?

In this interactive keynote address, Andrea Buchholz, Associate Professor of Applied Human Nutrition at the University of Guelph, will challenge you to rethink the traditional “us” (educational developers) and “them” (faculty members) culture that persists on many of our campuses. How can we collaborate in a synergistic and sustained way to facilitate positive change in teaching and learning?  Get ready to ask yourself how together we can create and lead teaching and learning initiatives, and what we need to do to get there from here.


Andrea is a faculty member in the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition at the University of Guelph, and a 3M National Teaching Fellow (2016).  Known for her engaging lecturing style and learner-centredness, Andrea has taught over 5500 students to date, in class sizes of 10 to 600.  Together with educational developer and faculty colleagues, Andrea co-developed and helps lead EnLITE, a one-year Educational Leadership in Teaching Excellence program designed to engage faculty in the principles, practice and scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education.

Joy Mighty & Trevor Holmes

Photo of Trevor HolmesSo what…now what? A Cjoy mighty photoritical Conversation about Educational Development in Canada

As two members of the first Working Group that preceded the formation of the Caucus, Educational Developers Joy Mighty and Trevor Holmes invite you to engage with their reflections on the past sixteen years. What were we thinking the Caucus would do for our community, and what do we perceive as its spoken and unspoken strengths and challenges over time? What in our current Canadian and global context might our structure and direction be missing? Throughout Fall 2016, we corresponded about our recollections, our shifting identities over time, and what kinds of provocations from “inside” and “outside” have given us pause. On Day 1 of our plenary presentation, we’ll lay bare some of our own thinking and invite audience contemplation. Participants will be invited thereafter to contribute their own dilemmas, successes, provocations at various points throughout the conference, leading to a final plenary session where we synthesize (if possible) and discuss our individual and collective possible futures.

Pre-work: Prior to the conference Joy and Trevor have asked delegates to complete the following:

We would like for you to read (or at least skim) one or more of these three articles.
  1. Bernhagen and Gravett (2017). “Educational Development as Pink Collar Labor.”
  2. Douglas et. al. (2016). “Teaching Subjectively.”
  3. Roxa and Martensson (2016). “Agency and Structure in Academic Development.”  This IJAD article is available to subscribers through many of our libraries, but write to Trevor <> if you cannot get access.
We would like also for you to contemplate the following questions. No need to respond yet. We will ask these at the Conference, and restage a conversation we’ve had about them, and you will have a chance to respond as the days unfold, followed by a converging and commitment activity at the end of the last day.
  1. EDC History: Are we a “we?” Does this matter?
  2. Our goals, roles, mandate:  What are our major foci, and are they the “right” ones? According to whom?
  3. The sociology and philosophy of education/ educational development: Have we lost sight of the Big Questions in favour of technical teaching help?
  4. Mistakes, Failures, and Omissions: What are our big failures and what can we learn from them?
  5. On being subjective, ideological, political or radical practitioners: Do we take a stand? Do you take a stand? How does it feel to do so, or not to do so?
Many thanks!
Joy and Trevor


Joy Mighty is the Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) at Carleton University.

Trevor Holmes is a Senior Instructional Developer, Faculty Programs and Research, University of Waterloo.